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Vacancies at M+C Schiffer

As a family company, we have a great sense of responsibility to our employees. Our workforce is a healthy mix of very experienced, long-term employees and their up-and-coming colleagues. This combination of knowledge, experience, loyalty, dynamism, creativity and flexibility creates efficient, motivated teams working for the success of our customers. We also expect and encourage both shared and individual responsibility in order to keep our quality promise to business partners.

The Schiffer Group is an international technology company specializing in dental care products. We currently employ more than 1,000 employees at our four sites around the world. This makes it possible to pursue an international career. Discover the latest entry opportunities at our company here.


Start your professional career at M+C Schiffer

Learning by doing

We see trainees as key employees from the start. They are actively included in company operations and gather valuable experience for their future professional and private lives. Our aim is to train people to a high level and win them for long-term employment in the company.

First-hand Information

Before applying, you can speak to a Schiffer trainee or a trainer of your chosen profession to obtain more information. Dial +49 2683 981-0 (switchboard) for more details as well as for answers to your questions.

We train people for the following careers:

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics technician
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Tool mechanic
  • Process mechanic
  • Industrial clerk
  • IT specialist

Apply in good time

Submit your CV directly and if possible at the start of September for the following year, and include:

  • A brief cover letter and information about your career goals
  • A tabular resume
  • Copies of your last two education certificates

Send your application by mail to:

M+C Schiffer GmbH
HR Department
Industriestraße 4
53577 Neustadt/Wied

Or preferably online here.

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The aptitude test

If all the basic requirements have been fulfilled, we invite each applicant to take an aptitude test for their chosen profession.

The interview

After passing the aptitude test, we invite you to an interview in order to get to know you better and to answer any important questions.

The decision

Once we’ve gotten to know you, and you’ve seen your potential workplace, both parties can assess if they’re interested in working together in the future.


If you’re interested, we might be able to offer you an internship in the profession you want to train in.

Job Applications

Take the Initiative

In addition to our listed job offers, we regularly look for new employees at our international locations.

Please contact us if you’re interested in working for the Schiffer Group.

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