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Individual solutions for demanding customers

M+C Schiffer has been an innovation leader for decades and is a reliable partner for almost all major branded goods and multinational retailers. As a system partner, we think in terms of category solutions for customers, for whom we develop and offer a customised range of oral care products for consumers – from conventional manual toothbrushes to the latest generation of brush heads for electric toothbrushes. In addition to the items we manufacture ourselves, we also offer products from selected, audited partners.
These products, e.g. dental floss, interdental kits or electric toothbrushes are developed, designed and manufactured in accordance with our specifications.

Our aim is always to make the best offer to customers, taking account of all cost and service factors throughout the entire product lifecycle (“total cost of ownership”). This means that Schiffer Group customers receive the best price-performance ratio in the sector.

Additions to the range – cosmetic, baby, medical devices and other products

We also use our know-how in other sectors and develop and manufacture sophisticated plastic products for the consumer goods and automotive industries. Facial brushes, mascara brushes, baby products, medical devices and plastic toys are just a few examples of the Schiffer Group’s additional fields of expertise. For our customers, we create tailor-made products that offer unique competitive advantages. Try us out!

Toothbrushes Brand/OEM
Toothbrushes Brand/OEM Toothbrushes Private Label Interdental Cleaning Power Toothbrushes Packaging solutions Other Products

Toothbrushes Brand/OEM

World-leading dental hygiene brands rely on the quality of our toothbrushes. These long-standing industry partners appreciate the strength of innovation and associated market success of the products we develop together.

Toothbrushes Private Label

Major multinational retail chains in Germany, Europe and throughout the world purchase their own toothbrush brands from M+C Schiffer. Reliable, high quality toothbrushes at competitive prices. From entry-price toothbrushes to high-end models – everything comes from a single source.

Interdental Cleaning

To clean the spaces between teeth as well as bridges and brackets, we produce high-quality interdental brushes that meet dentist standards and are manufactured in Germany.  Interdental kits with various heads. Moreover we offer all the current types of dental floss, from unwaxed to expanding, depending on the wishes and demands of the market. Multi-benefit plastic toothpicks as well as dental floss picks in many different designs complete the interdental cleaning range from M+C Schiffer.

Power Toothbrushes

M+C Schiffer was the first manufacturer to produce in-mould brush heads for electric devices. Today, we develop and produce a large number of innovative brush heads for power toothbrushes.

Packaging solutions

Other Products

Innovative heads “made in Germany” for the growing facial brush market and the mascara industry.
“Made in Austria”: High-quality, multi-component plastic products  for the baby/small child market, medical device Class 1 for the pharmaceuticals industry and system solutions based on plastic injection moulding for the automotive industry. The Schiffer Group also develops and manufactures plastic injection-moulding components to customer specifications, and in proven Schiffer quality, for the world market.


Dr. Fresh

Johnson & Johnson






Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare

InterCare Standard

InterCare Mini

Gum Health Standard

2006 Baby Brush

2005 Baby Brush

2005 Baby Brush

2709 Kids Stars & Moon

2717 Kids Brush

2415 Kids Brush

2718 Kids Brush

2720 Kids Brush

3216 Kids Brush

3738 Kids Brush LED Light

3019 Kids Brush

3213 Junior Brush

3219 Junior Brush

3218 Junior Brush

3220 Junior Brush

3221 Junior Brush

3107 Adult Brush anchorfree

2928 Adult Brush anchorfree

4111 Adult Brush anchorfree

4111 Adult Brush anchorfree

6402 Style Brush

6401 Style Brush

6401 Medicinal Brush

4025 Adult Brush Slender Soft

4025 Adult Brush

4025 Adult Brush tapered

3908 Adult Brush

3852 Adult Brush

3754 Adult Brush

3755 Adult Brush

3313 Adult Brush Denta-Space

3313 Adult Super Sensitive

3313 Adult Brush Compact Head

3731 Adult Brush Criss Cross

3630 Adult Brush Gum Fingers

4030 Adult Brush

3824 Adult Brush

3827 Adult Brush

3854 Adult Flex Neck

3431 Adult Brush

3012 Adult Brush Sensitive

3012 Adult Black Sensitive

3826 Adult Brush

4109 Adult Brush

3321 Adult Super Sensitive

3321 Adult Black Sensitive

4231 Adult Brush Sensitve

3544 Adult Brush Criss Cross

4112 Adult Brush Whitening

4231 Adult Brush Complete 6-in-1

4231 Adult Brush Complete White

3109 Adult Brush Flex Head

3753 Adult Brush

6601Adult Brush Multi Tuft Head

2692 Adult Brush

6301 Adult Brush Multi Tuft Head

3528 Adult Brush Gum Fingers

5802 Denture Brush

Interdental Brush ISO 0

Interdental Brush ISO 1

Interdental Brush ISO 2

Interdental Brush ISO 3

Interdental Brush ISO 4

Interdental Brush ISO 5

Interdental Brush Kit with handle

Handle with Dental Mirror

Handle with Tongue Cleaner

Interdental Brush Heads conical

Interdental Brush Heads ultra fine

Interdental Brush Heads super fine

Interdental Travel Brushes

Floss Picks

Dental Floss

Brush Sticks wire free

Dental Floss - waxed + mint

Dental Floss - sensitive expanding

Dental Floss - unwaxed

Dental Floss - PTFE whitening

Baby Products Injection Molded

Baby Products Injection Molded

Baby Products Injection Molded

Baby Products Injection Molded

Facial Brushes Tufted

Mascara Brushes

Medical Applicators

Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

Plastic Parts

Automotive Parts

Plastic Parts

Cold foil Backercard

Standard Blister - wide

US Inch Blister

US Double-Inch Blister

Japan Blister

Blister with flag label

3-Dimensional Blister

Blister with Travel Cap



Cold foil Backercard

Euro Standard Blister

Peel-off Blister

Easy-open Blister

Shelf Trays


Promotion Pack Example

Promotion Pack Example